Place Of Birth
Auckland, New Zealand

Professional Athlete

Why are you so Passionate about working with LIVIN?
1) Too many of my close friends are taking their lives at such a young age due to the fact that the suffer from depression.

2) That this stigma is affecting more and more people around the world and if I can do my part to help someone or save 1 persons life it is all worth it in the end.

3) I love what LIVIN stands for and what we continuously do in the community’s to break the stigma.

What does #ItAintWeakToSpeak mean to you?
“It ain’t weak to speak” to me means, no matter the size of yourself, the role you play in life, the strength you have physically or the role model you are to people everyone has a weakness and everyone will go through a stage in their life where they feel helpless/like they don’t have a worth in this world and that is the time where you show your true strength and tell someone your thoughts, explain to them what your going through and why your feeling that way because doing this you will then notice that huge weight on your shoulders start to fade away and it becomes the first step to being that happy person you once were and become stronger than you once were.

3 things you do for your personal wellness
1) Laughter is a big one for me, brightens up the days and makes me happy

2) Always showing gratitude/being grateful for the life I have

3) Allow down time to myself to unwind and refocus even if it’s only 10mins

Fav Musician/Band
Chris Brown

Fav Movie
Coach Carter

If you could invite 4 people dead or alive to your house for dinner (excluding family and friends because they are already there) who would you choose and why?

Michael Jordan –  So I could pick his brain and find out what made him so strong mentally to be the most successful basketball player to date.

Kevin Hart – because he would make the dinner table hilarious

2pac – my all time fav rapper

Barack Obama – because he’s just a boss and you always need a smart man at the table haha