Place Of Birth
Edinburgh Scotland, but I’m pretty much a Kiwi

Celebrity Trainer

Why are you so Passionate about working with LIVIN?

I think it’s really disappointing that society has conditioned us to think that any form of mental illness is synonymous to weakness. Mental health challenges are just as common as broken bones, yet there is such a reluctance to talk about it, or admit to any sort of vulnerability. Both my parents suffered from mental illnesses, and I want to use my experiences to help others become more aware of mental health (their own and their friends and family), and give them tools to help build resilience.

What does #ItAintWeakToSpeak mean to you?
I’m all about empowering people both physically and psychologically, and that’s what this represents for me – inspiring people to have the courage to start conversations that could save lives, potentially even their own.

3 things you do for your personal wellness
Write in a Gratitude Journal: Every night before bed I write down 5 things I’m grateful for (even if they haven’t happened yet), 1 thing I learnt, 1 kind thing I did for someone and 1 kind thing they did for me. When I’m physically strong, I feel mentally strong so my training is really important to me. Play my guitar as it teaches me how to enjoy my own company

Fav Musician/Band
Ed Sheeran/Rihanna

Fav Movie
Hacksaw Ridge

If you could invite 4 people dead or alive to your house for dinner (excluding family and friends because they are already there) who would you choose and why? 

Dennis Rodman, Margaret Thatcher, Snooki from Jersey Shore and Chelsea Handler. Can you even imagine the chat? This would need it’s own reality show for sure.