Place Of Birth
Horsham, VIC

Operations Manager (FreeSpirit Resort and Holiday Park Management)

Why are you so Passionate about working with LIVIN?
I want people to learn from my experiences and help others know that there is hope. (it gives me great self-worth and helps me fight my own mental illnesses)

What does #ItAintWeakToSpeak mean to you?
Strength, Resilience Hope and Gratefulness. By asking for help we give ourselves strength and relieve the pressure and the feelings of loneliness and shame. By speaking up and talking about our problems to others we empower others to speak and share their problems

3 things you do for your personal wellness
I work out, I practise mindfulness everyday and I eat healthy.

Fav Musician/Band
Cold Play and Ed Sheeran

Fav Movie
The Man from snowy river.. my first ever movie I saw at the cinemas”

If you could invite 4 people dead or alive to your house for dinner (excluding family and friends because they are already there) who would you choose and why?
Dalai Lama (Mindfulness)
Robin William’s (Humour and insight to mental illness)
Bono (music and people of the world)
Neville Bonner (first Aboriginal parliamentarian)