Place Of Birth

Retail Manager

Why are you so Passionate about working with LIVIN?
Although other charities such as Lifeline beyondblue Black dog etc do a great job creating awareness for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, who are they? They don’t have a face, unlike LIVIN. Casey and Sam are the faces of LIVIN along side their inspiration, Dwayne. The boys are on the frontline spreading the mantra it ain’t weak to speak and educating the people of the community. Also the unique way in which Livin promote their message is appealing to me. They speak a language that is more easily relatable to young adults through social media, fashion and people of high profile in society

What does #ItAintWeakToSpeak mean to you?
There is no shame in putting your hand up and admitting your struggling and asking for help

3 things you do for your personal wellness
Spend time with family and friends Play sports Go to the beach

Fav Musician/Band
Incubus/good charlotte

Fav Movie
Remember The Titans

If you could invite 4 people dead or alive to your house for dinner (excluding family and friends because they are already there) who would you choose and why?

Steve Irwin because he is the greatest Australian ever

Karl stevanovic and Chris Gayle because they would be good to party with.

Joel madden because his my man crush!