LIVINWell delivers for Mental Health Week

Our incredible team has been working around the clock this week with schools and organisations all around the country embracing the powerful platform that is Mental Health Week as a way to spread awareness on mental health. With the demand for our LIVINWell Program growing, we have noticed so to has the general community awareness around the high school that receives the program. We have witnessed first hand the power of communities coming together and inadvertently providing a support network which is an essential part of encouraging those who are struggling to speak up. We have been delivering our 45-minute educational program to schools and businesses across the country as the conversation on speaking up about mental health seems to gain more traction each and every year. With an estimated 1 in 5 people in Australia experiencing a mental health issue* now more than ever do we need to ensure the discussion on mental health is being acknowledged as an essential topic that needs attention. The feedback we receive, especially from high schools, who have received one (or more) of our LIVINWell Programs is encouraging in that it reaffirms that education and information can make a difference if it is delivered in a relatable format. It has been an incredible week for Mental Health Week 2018 with so many discussions happening throughout the media, schools, businesses and communities.  Having the topic of mental health as the main topic of conversation, is one of the most productive and proactive ways we can continue to break the stigma surrounding mental health and we look forward to making EVERY week Mental Health Week. If you would like more information about our LIVINWell Program, click here for more info. *Statistics provided by Australian Government, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare