Getting yourself Mentally Healthy for 2018

It’s a New Year and with that comes the opportunity to create a ‘New’ beginning for yourself.  Whilst so many goals for a new year resolve around physical health, we thought we’d shift the focus over to getting ourselves mentally fit for the year ahead.

Check out these three really, REALLY simple ways to kick start your mental health for 2018 and make this the year about you and your happiness.

Get some sleep: Sleep is your body’s way of rebooting both mentally and physically.  Having a decent sleep every night allows your mind to process all of the days activities and wipe the slate clean for the morning.  Go to bed at a reasonable time every night and get up early in the morning. Try and sustain a routine pattern and you will be rewarded with rest and the ultimate mental reset for the new day ahead.

Surround yourself in positivity: Positive people and positive thoughts create positive energy – this is what you need to be around this year.  Distance yourself from negative thoughts and influences whether it be in person or simply unfollowing a page on social media.  Do not go searching for upsetting news stories if you hear something on the radio.

Limit screen time: Easier said than done, we know. Most careers and lifestyles revolve around phones, computers and other devices so a complete screen detox is probably out of the question. However, there are probably hours’ worth of screen time every week that are completely unnecessary to your mental well-being, and possibly even hindering it.  Before you randomly grab your phone out of boredom or diversion, ask yourself, is there is something more positive and productive you could be doing with your mind rather than seeing what everyone is doing on Instagram.

Here’s to making 2018 a year of achieving health and happiness for your body, mind and soul.