Saddling up for mental health

Courtney Chapman contacted our organisation with an amazing personal challenge, one of which we had never heard of.  At the end of August Courtney will be participating in the grueling 400 kilometre horse ride with her Kintamani Arabian, Kintamani Kimbra at the Shahzada endurance event in St Albans, New South Wales. This particular event is tough on those who are fighting fit but in addition to extensive training, Courtney has been fighting her own battles both physically and mentally. “To me, this ride is about overcoming adversity and to show that even from your lowest points, you can still come out the other side and achieve anything you set your mind to,” Courtney told Canberra media publication, the RiotACT in a recent interview. In addition to struggling with Crohn's disease which requires Courtney to receive a medical infusion every 8 weeks, the 27-year-old from Canberra has also suffered from her own mental health issues for most of her life. These struggles and the need to speak up were what drew Courtney to the LIVIN Organisation and her decision to try out for the Shahzda Endurance event, "What better show of strength, resilience and spirit than to attempt this ride in support of Mental Health - because those things are exactly what you need to battle through depression, anxiety, PTSD and a myriad of other challenges." For more on Courtney's commitment to help break the stigma surrounding mental health and her amazing journey as she trains for the upcoming event, check out her Instagram page and Everyday Hero page. It's stories like Courtney's that continue to inspire us to keep making a difference and we encourage everyone to support her and anyone else you know who are doing great things to smash the stigma. #ItAintWeakToSpeak Photo Source: Photox