Fiika Candles for a cause - online


What is Fiika?  


Fiika - or Fika in Swedish -  is literally translated as “to take a break for coffee and a bite to eat”.   


But the meaning actually goes much deeper than that. It’s about enjoying a quality moment to stop and relax, 

to create special memories with friends and family, and to enjoy the good things in life. 


This brand has been created with just that in mind. Our vision is for these candles to help transport you to a place of relaxation, peace and enjoyment - not just through the candles themselves, but also their purpose. The quiet moments can be the most special.  


Our Vision and Purpose


Fiika is more than a luxury candle for you to enjoy in relaxing moments at home. We’re also privileged to have the opportunity to support and create awareness for charity organisations around Australia.  These organisations currently have a huge demand for resources, and are at present more limited in the traditional ways of generating this valued support.  It is our mission to use Fiika as an avenue to drive awareness and help support raising these crucial funds. 


So,  $5 from every candle sold will be donated directly to a charity within Australia. 


Our Chosen Charity


LIVIN  is committed to driving a generational change towards a better understanding of mental health with a vision of breaking the stigma that surrounds it, through the development of an educational program and a range of community awareness initiatives.


Based on the Gold Coast, LIVIN has a mission to empower people to help one other, to promote positive living, to encourage young people to be open with each other and to not be afraid to show vulnerability.  LIVIN seeks to create a movement that makes mental health relatable, and ultimately celebrate life and what it means to be ‘LIVIN’.  


All proceeds contributed by Fiika will be directed to the LIVINWell program which is designed to educate and empower school students and community groups. The program is delivered free of charge to these school or community groups and is designed to break the stigma of mental health, enhance self efficiencies, and encourage help-seeking. 


Jump online and add some Fiika to your home while supporting a good cause. 


Click Here for the Fiika website.