Mindful You Phone Bags - Australia Wide

Technology and social media are such a huge part of life these days. I see both positives and negatives in what technology and social media bring to our lives but the one thing that really stands out for me is the disconnection they cause. 

Whether it be consciously or unconsciously, so many of us are addicted and have created such strong habits when it comes to our devices. 

Connection is one of my top values, as it is for so many. I feel we crave it even more these days in a world which is becoming more and more disconnected. Depending how we use social media, it can heighten this feeling of disconnection. It may seem that we are more connected than ever however studies show we are actually feeling more alone. 

This product was created to inspire and support those who feel guilt, disconnection and anxiety from being addicted to their phone, social media and/or work.

This is also a great tool for parents who want to create more connection in their family and set healthy boundaries around the use of their phone.
The perfect gift for:
- Workaholics 
- Teenagers
- Family members
- Work Colleagues 
- Anyone who is addicted to their phone
- Yourself! 

When you purchase a phone bag from Mindful You, $1 is donated to LIVIN - breaking the stigma of mental health.