Mitt Mate - online

Mitt Mate is proud to introduce the first of our 100% Australian made and manufactured Mitt Mate products! 

Mitt Mate Hand Sanitiser Gel and Hand and Surface Sanitiser Spray (70% Ethyl Alcohol) will leave your hands feeling fresh and infection-free!

At Mitt Mate we are determined to make a positive impact with our new brand. We are driven to contribute to social awareness and responsibility - looking out for Australians, no mater what.

Our community-focussed corporate culture is one of the keys to defeating the pandemic which is disrupting the lives of the whole country. It's doing our heads in and Mitt Mate is committed to "Not Sit Back, But Give BACK".

We are proud to support LIVIN.ORG to spread the mental health message #ITAINTWEAKTOSPEAK. LIVIN.ORG encourages people to speak up about mental health.

So, with every online sale, 10% of our profit will be donated to LIVIN.ORG to help break the stigma of mental health. We hope you'll love our products as much as we do.

Jump onto our Mitt Mate website to grab your supply or flick us a Follow through Instagram at @mittmate

From all of us at Mitt Mate, we appreciate you and please. . . . 


Thanks Legends!