The Gratitude Cup - Australia Wide

You ever heard the saying "Win The Morning, Win The Day"?

Well, we have. Starting your day with Gratitude is how you do it. But wait a minute, when you wake up what's your first thought? By lunch time - you realise you forgot to say those 3 things you're grateful for. If only you had a daily reminder first thing in the morning...

This is where this all started.

The Gratitude Cup by The Mindfulness Movement, collapses down to fit in your pocket or bag.

That's right. No more awkward morning walks trying to hold your empty reusable cup & walk your dog & scroll socials. You can chuck it in your handbag, or in your pocket. Not only is this the most convenient thing EVER, but most importantly by using a reusable coffee cup you are reducing your carbon footprint. It is estimated in Australia we use over 2 million disposable coffee cups per day... 

We've been there & we have the solution - The Collapsable Gratitude Cup.

For 6 months of the year we give 5% of profits back to a charity that is making a difference in the mental health sector. For the second half, we are giving back 5% to an environmental charity fighting the war on waste.

For the first six months, your purchase will be supporting LIVIN Foundation.

Click here to purchase and share the gratitude!