2018 has been the year for LIVIN!


Now more than ever before, we are determined to smash the stigma surrounding mental health. Almost 50 percent of Australians will experience a mental illness over the course of their lifetime. Every 3.5 hours in Australia someone takes their own life. 2 out of 3 Australians with a mental health problem do not access professional support. The number of deaths by suicide in young Australians is the highest it has been in 10 years.

These figures are too high.

We are committed to using the bulk of our funding to provide our LIVINWell mental health educational program to young people in high schools across Australia.

We are determined to break the stigma surrounding mental illness.

We are determined to make a positive impact and be a part of the movement making it acceptable to speak up about mental health.

2018 was a massive year for LIVIN We have been to more schools . . .

Presented to more workplaces . . .

Travelled more miles . . .

Hosted more community events . . .

Got our message out there bigger and better than ever before . . .

And reached more people than any other year . . .


This time of year is when we can look back and reflect on what has been achieved and the difference that is being made in getting our message out there to schools and communities. This difference would not be happening if it wasn’t for the incredible support of our FUNDRAISERS, partners, corporate programs, facilitators, DONORS and all of our incredible supporters who continue to WEAR IT, SHARE IT, SPEAK IT to help get our LIVINWELL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM in to high schools across the country and breaking the stigma of mental illness.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in any way throughout 2018.  We can not do this without you and you are all truly LIVIN Legends and remember, if in doubt, reach out and get the help that you need and deserve: GET HELP

Check out the video below and see what’s been happening in 2018. Looking forward to an even bigger 2019!


Acknowledgement: Shout out to the awesome team at WeMov for helping us sharing the love. 


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