LIVINWell Kicks Off for 2019


The new year has started and we are kicking off 2019 with a bang with our LIVINWell Program already up and running through our LIVINWell Workplaces.  Last week we had a LIVINWell for the Pravar Group in Sydney where the conversation started about mental health in the workplace and just as importantly, mental health at home.

This time of year is always extremely busy with LIVINWell Programs being booked in both schools and workplaces and 2019 is already bigger than 2018 when it comes to schools and venues reaching out to LIVIN for our mental health education program.

As with the awesome team from the Pravar Group, having a LIVINWell early in the year is an empowering way to start the year and giving participants the tools and knowledge to take on 2019 and look after their mental health.

Our LIVIN Co-Founder Sam Webb delivered the program to the Pravar Group team and was impressed by their approach and enthusiam to the program.  “It was a great bunch to work with but what I loved most was that everyone was encouraged to wear a happy and bright-coloured shirt to the Program.  It was a great idea and proved that we can have fun and enjoy mental health education, it doesn’t have to be a totally sombre experience.”

If you would like more information on our LIVINWell Program, CLICK HERE.

Together we can make a difference and keep spreading the message that It Ain’t Weak To Speak.

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