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At the heart of everything LIVIN does is the motivation to change the way the world understands, perceives and interprets mental health…

LIVIN was established to change the way all Australians perceive and understand mental health, smash the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and ultimately to reduce the alarming prevalence rates of suicide amongst teenagers and young adults in particular. Our mission is to end youth suicide in Australia. Sounds crazy huh? Join the movement.

We will change the way people speak about mental health, one workshop, one t-shirt and one event at a time.

These objectives will be achieved via three pillars –

  1. Education

  2. Apparel 

  3. Community events

All three of these pillars aim to;

  • Kickstart the conversation surrounding mental health and mental health challenges so that it is no longer ‘awkward’ and ‘weird’ to talk about these things.
  • Add a touch of energy and freshness to topics surrounding mental health. Sure, there is a time to be very serious when it comes to mental health, but we are also allowed to have some fun when thinking and speaking about the topic.
  • Educate the masses (particularly at the grass roots level) that it ‘Ain’t Weak to Speak’. With education comes understanding, with understanding comes acceptance, and with acceptance comes hope. We also believe that through education, we will be able to slowly chip away at the alarming rates of suicide amongst teenagers and young adults in particular.

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